Just the beginning of our retreat in lovely paris…

We were thrilled to begin our writing and yoga retreat in Paris today! People trickled in the hotel Daguerre with their luggage throughout the morning and afternoon. Some crashed in their comfy room after a long voyage. Other people explored the vastness of rue Daguerre, a street bustling with brasseries, book shops, artisan chocolateries, patisseries, a very tempting massage parlor, an accordion shop and so on.  


The group got together for the first time at 5pm for orientation. We followed that up with a game of literary taboo, a writing exercise where you must omit any ‘taboo’ words that are listed on your card. We followed that up with a champagne toast to Cambridge Writers’ workshop. 
We didn’t have to walk far to enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurant on the 1st floor of our hotel. We loved the gorgeous moroccan decor, the thriving plants, the comfortable bench seats you can sink into decorated with bright pillows, and the family’s cat, canelle, who apparently loves to snuggle. The diner was to die for, fluffy couscous and tender chicken complimented with raisins and harissa. We’re off to a good start!