Day 4 of our Paris Retreat: Tour de Workshop


For Sunday’s class, our participants engaged in the first of our retreat’s writing workshops. Led by CWW directors Rita Banerjee and Diana Norma Szokolyai, our participants shared samples of their writing with the class. The participants came to the meeting having read six short pieces sent out the previous evening and with notes for critique.IMG_1369

The workshop was based around the Liz Lerman method of writing workshops. In this method, the critiques are done in three stages. The first is to discuss what is at stake in the piece. The second is to offer any notes and positive feedback. The third is where the constructive critique is offered, as well as where the author can answer any questions.


Our writers will hopefully take this feedback and apply it to their work, whether it is a revision on the piece critiqued or for any of their other writing. The Tour de France may have concluded today, but this workshop offered the beginning of some new creative work.IMG_1480

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