“Lo que una vista espectacular!”

Day 6

This morning there was no class scheduled, which gave us a chance to either sleep in or further explore Granada.

I revisited some of the spots I missed and hit a few of those touristy shops with Spanish goods, Moroccan imports, leather bags and parachute pants and some other things that tend to be on the kitschy side.  For lunch, I went to Bella & Bestia for tapas. I love that they play continuous music videos (as many other places do) because it gave me an insight into Spanish culture. I especially enjoyed “Talk About You” by Mika.

Some of us went to the Alhambra, which means “the red castle” in Arabic. It was one of the highlights of my trip to the see the beautiful medieval palace, Islamic architecture, enchanting gardens, and fountains.  Its view over city was exquisite.  I learned the expression “Lo que una vista espectacular!” which means “What a spectacular view!”

We met for yoga at 7pm, an hour later than usual, since it was a particularly hot day that reached 110 degrees by 4 p.m. Yoga class was great and comical. Sometimes a big distraction is a great way to challenge yourself and your own ability to control your focus in yoga practice.  We began class with nadi shodana pranayama, a breathing technique to draw your attention inward so that you are not so easily distracted and pulled out by what’s going on around you.

A man on a loud Vespa came by twice during class to check out the scene — it was the local security patrol. We must have looked very suspicious on our yoga mats. A group of young boys and later two elderly ladies sat to watch us as if it was a performance. In spite of all the distractions, I felt that yoga class was very successful. By the end I looked around and everyone was calm, happy, and focused on their goals for the rest of our trip.