Honoring the Community & Victims of Pulse Orlando

The world is violent and mercurialit will have its way with you. We are saved only by lovelove for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share: being a parent; being a writer; being a painter; being a friend. We live in a perpetually burning building, and what we must save from it, all the time, is love.   

-Tennessee Williams

The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop is shocked and saddened to hear of the shooting that happened on early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, at Pulse Nightclub. To many in the LGBTQ+ community, Pulse was not only a place to celebrate personal identity, but a sanctuary against the very hate that inspired Sunday morning’s attacker. In response, we’re inspired by Tennessee Williams’s words: when the world begins to burn, only love can extinguish the flame.

If you’re committed to ending gun violence in America, please consider signing a petition to strengthen anti-gun laws and contacting your congressional representative.  You can also support the families of the victims of the Pulse shootings by contributing to Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund.

– Cambridge Writers’ Workshop