Day 4: CWW Barcelona & South of France Writing Retreat

Today was a full academic day.  We started off the day with Heidi Pitlor’s illuminating class “Surprise Me,” where we learned about how to create interesting twists and surprises in our writing. We also reflected on what editor’s look for and did an exercise wherein we created our ideal literary magazine.  Then, we found ourselves exploring writing with vulnerability in Lily Hoang’s class on essays, The Self on Trial: or, an Experiment in Forms.  (Setting flame to our secrets on the streets of Barcelona, anyone? shhh!) In the afternoon, we met one on one for our manuscript consultations in various corners of the Amister Art Hotel and really delved into the inner workings of our individual manuscripts. It was a very productive day, to say the least!

In the evening, a group of us enjoyed visiting Casa Batllo, one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces of architecture.  A mushroom fireplace for lovers’ trysts, complete with a bench for two, and a bench for a chaperone.  Wonderland-like gardens and staircases that make you feel as though you are descending 1,000 leagues under the sea with Jules Verne.  Walls that seem to be carved from tree trunks.  A building that appears to have sprung organically from Mother Nature and hardened with icing and sweets. This is the magic of Gaudí.