Last Call For Scholarships!

T-minus 8 days until scholarships are due for the 2023 Cambridge Writer’s Workshop Paris Retreat! Please submit your materials through our Submittable.

The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop is delighted to announce that partial scholarships based on need and merit for the Paris Writing Retreat (July 19-25, 2023) are now available. Students can apply for scholarships of $250-$500, and further financial assistance may be available for students in need. Scholarships for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, writers who are students, writers who are parents, writers who are educators, and Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Alumnx are available.
To apply for a scholarship for our 2023 Paris Writing Retreat (July 19-25, 2023), please complete this two-step process:

1. Submit a 2023 Paris Writing Retreat Application
2. Submit a Scholarship Application and include a 1-2 page over letter that indicates which scholarship you are applying for, your reasons for applying, and how this scholarship will help you with your writing goals.

While there is no application fee, all scholarship applications are due by May 15, 2023. And early scholarship applications are encouraged.

Scholarship Categories
If you identify with one of the following identities and have a financial need, we offer partial scholarships. When you apply, please state which scholarship category you are applying to from the list below:
* Student
* Parent (of a child 0-22)
* Educator
* Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Alumnx
If you have any questions, please email