CREDO Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook of Creative Writing

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:                                                         apply

Updated CREDO-FINALThe Cambridge Writers’ Workshop invites writers of all stripes (Poets! Fictioneers! Memoirists! Journalists!  Essayists!  Dramatists!  Genre-benders!) to submit to CREDO: An Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing.  Writers are invited to submit their personal aesthetic philosophies and manifestos for the anthology, writing exercises and prompts that have helped to kick-start their imagination, and short essays on the art of writing, reading, and being creative.  Please send us a brief (7 pages max) submission in one of the following categories:

I. Credos:

Writing manifestos, rules to live by, artist creeds, hand-written notes to self, aphorisms earned, and personal philosophies on what makes good writing work and why.  If you have ever typed or scrawled out a manifesto, we would like to see it.  Feel free to send us manifestos for creative writing that you have drawn up for yourself or for your writing group.  We accept typed written credos, hand-written lists, and even collages that demonstrate your aesthetic philosophy.

II. Writing Exercises:

We would like you to send us writing exercises, prompts, or any practices that have helped energize and motivate your creative writing practice.  Is there a daily ritual you do to kickstart your imagination?  Are there writing exercises and prompts that you keep on going back to or to use in class with your students?  We are interested in your favorite writing exercises.  Please send us original writing exercises or prompts, or please write to us about how your favorite published writing exercises work.

III. Essays on Writing Advice:

We are looking for essays that describe the writing process, essays on creative arts communities, salon culture, and advice on creative writing.  What has helped you sustain and catalyze your writing career?  What has inspired you, from reading the works of your favorite authors, experimenting with new forms, finding communities of writers, experience with social media and writing, etc.?  We welcome any essays on creative writing between 5-7 pages.

Please also include: A brief biography of 200 words or less.

This anthology will be released on March 7, 2018.
Stay tuned for some exciting news 😉

Accepted Authors:

Kazim Ali * Forrest Anderson * Jaswinder Bolina * Rita Banerjee * Lisa-Marie Basile * Stephen Burt * Alex Carrigan * Sam Cha * Melinda Combs * Thade Correa * Jeff Fearnside * John Guzlowski * Rachael Hanel * Janine Harrison * Lindsay Illich * Douglas C. Jackson * Christine Johnson-Duell * Caitlin Johnson * Jason Kapcala * Richard Kenney *  Eva Langston * John Laue * Stuart Lishan * Ellaraine Lockie * Amy MacLennan * Elisabeth McKetta * Kevin McLellan * E. Ce Miller * Brenda Moguez * Peter Mountford * Robert Pinsky * Kara Provost * Jessica Reidy * Amy Rutten * David Shields * Lillian Slugocki * Maya Sonenberg * Kathleen Spivack * Laura Steadham Smith * Molly Sutton Kiefer * Jade Sylvan * Anca Szilagyi * Diana Norma Szokolyai  * Marilyn Taylor * Megan Tilley * Suzanne Van Dam * Nicole Walker * Allyson Whipple * Shawn Wong * Caroll Yang * Matthew Zapruder

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