Boston Conservatory Performance

thumb_conservatoryBoston Conservatory Performance
Featuring Diana Norma Szokolyai, Rita Banerjee, & Dennis Shafer

Judson Evans and the Garden hosts the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop & Chagall Performance Arts Collaborative for an evening of poetry reading with interdisciplinary performance of poetry, music, and movement.  Poetry performance intertwined with the live composing art of Soundpainting will feature poets Diana Norma Szokolyai and Rita Banerjee (CWW directors), and Soundpainter Dennis Shafer as well as Boston Conservatory students.

Revival of the Literary Salon with the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop, AWP 2013 Panel

thumb_revivalRevival of the Literary Salon with the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Panel
AWP 2013 Conference 9 am, Hynes Convention Center Room 202, Boston

How do writers create viable writing communities outside of the MFA paradigm? We will explore how the revival of salon culture has created new spaces for literary communities and debates. Having opened its Brooklyn studio in 2011, the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop holds writing workshops, literary cabarets, residencies, and retreats abroad. Panelists will discuss how new local and international literary salons help create viable communities of artists and push the conversation of cutting edge art.