Cambridge Writers’ Workshop’s AWP 2015 Exquisite Corpse #2


The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop is busy at the Association of Writers’ and Writers Programs Conference in Minneapolis this week, but while we’re not promoting our upcoming retreats or our CREDO anthology, we’re encouraging visitors to contribute to our exquisite corpse poem. Every day, we’ll post a new poem to the website. You can read Thursday’s poem here.

Friday’s CWW AWP “Corps Exquis”

There are three ways to skin a cat, and
I don’t recommend the second.
Keep up with the first one, otherwise
it might get messy.
Do not touch the glimmering insides as they
pierce the skin like the bone of the teeth.
Teething and sheathing
with a man’s last breath.
A luscious, delicious, Flower Monkey dances
with a radiant sense of self.
The sense is challenged,
barred by fun house mirrors.
The third way involves
Don’t doubt your horses.
Shatter it for the jar. The big one.
I am hungover.

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