Literary Taboo Workshop with Rita Banerjee at the Munich Readery – April 27, 2014

tabooLiterary Taboo Creative Writing Workshop
Sunday, April 27 * 14:00-16:00
The Munich Readery, Augustenstraße 104, 80798 München

Come join Rita Banerjee and the Munich Readery for an afternoon of literary games, riddles and creative writing!  Get ready to play Literary Taboo. During the game, you may be asked to describe a person, idea, object, or phenomenon without using certain taboo words. You are welcomed to create poems, short stories, theatrical sketches, first-person narratives, and riddles about the topics you encounter during the game, and everyone is invited to become a true literary detective! So join us for an afternoon filled with creative writing, sensorial riddles, and literary taboos!  Workshop fee: €20.  To register, send an email to