August 8 – CWW Classes Begin at the Château de Verderonne

Today was our first full day!  Most of us have just flown in from the USA, the Philippines, England or Germany.  The jet-lag seems to have more or less subsided.  For me, flying into Europe always seems easier than flying out.

Rita lead a terrific writing workshop: Literary taboo and writing contracts.  It’s a great time to set the bar for our writing for the rest of our time here.  We all decided on a realistic writing goal for ourselves.  The idea is that we can check in with our respective writing partners regularly, and they become a reminder of our progress.

Later in the afternoon, we made accordion style journals by folding icy blue paper.  To finish, the journal is tied with a gorgeous ribbon to complete the package.  We used a beautiful variety of ribbons; some hand dyed silk and lots of French-style ribbons in satin and grosgrain.  We all have different ideas on how we will use this journal; for writing stories, recording thoughts, or for watercolor painting. It’s only the beginning!

Victor, our videographer, is also an amazing musician, by the way!  A few writers here are also professional level singers.  Viktor played whatever tune they requested and they set the stage for the rest if us.  We ended up crowded around the table singing.   It was a wonderful way to end the night.

-Elissa Lewis, CWW Yoga Coordinator

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