Rita Banerjee’s “Chicago Ode” – A Mass Poetry: Poem of the Moment

masspoetry-poemofthemomentMany thanks to Mass Poetry for featuring CWW Creative Director Rita Banerjee’s poem, “Chicago Ode,” in their Poem of the Moment section.  Mass Poetry supports poets and poetry in Massachusetts.  Mass Poetry helps to broaden the audience of poetry readers, brings poetry to readers of all ages and transform people’s lives through inspiring verse.  A selection of the poem is included below, and you can read the poem on Mass Poetry here.

Chicago Ode

You came quiet on
cat feet with
for minor names

Like architecture,
you remained
aortal and stung—

Colors dropped
off grids and arcs
bending like yellow,
red and unglued blue

You moved like
a river under
Boul Mich elevated

undulated space,
kept sails and lovers
lit on harbor.

like bodies lit
on grass, you stood
unlike bronze

unlike concrete, too
contained in no
form, no limb
that would move

like fever
your eyes grew
catlike, calling to
strange bodies,

locking lakes in land,
you asked time to
sneeze, hiccup, to not
speak at all—

asked to linger no
longer or to
stay longer like

cracklers at night,
the firework’s parched
breath & Ferris wheel
lights that held

like ships & whistles
a cradle
without thread.

* Read the poem on Mass Poetry here.

Cambridge Writers’ Workshop AWP 2012 Reading

On March 3, 2012, the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop hosted an off-site reading at AWP in Chicago, IL. The AWP Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Reading included writers Rita Banerjee, Pattabi Seshadri, Jessica Piazza, Brandon Krieg, Rebecca Lindenberg, Marc McKee, Tara Skurtu, Derek JG Williams, Colleen O’Brien, and Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein.